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Mathematics is the subject that forms the foundation of a student by teaching him problem solving skills,learning skills and also enhance mental ability and it is a subject which requires lots of practice. CBSE Board has changed the pattern of Mathematics paper for 2020.They will take two papers for Maths as Basic and Standard in which they will check the student's ability at different levels.For a student opted Mathematics - Standard have to work hard and practice a lot. For the sake of Practice we have prepared Test Papers crafted for Basic and Standard seperately.
If a students want to score high in CBSE Board Maths Examination 2020 then they should Practice more and more and check their knowledge time to time by our well prepared Test Papers.

Check your Knowledge for CBSE Class 10 Maths Standard - Arithmetic Progresion......


                                                         TEST – ARITHMETIC PROGRESSIONS
MM: 30                                                  CLASS – X Maths (Standard)

Objective Questions(One Mark)
1.There are 60 terms is an AP of which the first term is 8 and the last term is 185. The 31st term is
A) 56                      B)  94                     C)  85                     D)  98
2.Five distinct positive integers are in a arithmetic progression with a positive common difference.     If their sum is 10020, then the smallest possible value of the last term is
A) 2002                 B)  2004                                C)  2006                                D)  2007
 3.If the sum of the first 2n terms of 2, 5, 8………. Is equal to the sum of the first n terms of 57, 59, 61,…….. then  ‘n’  is equal to           
A) 10                      B)  12                     C)  11                     D)  13
4. If First term of an AP is -17 and common difference is 3 then the 21 term will be ……….?
Two Marks questions
 5.The number of common terms to the two sequences  17, 21, 25,……….., 417 and 16, 21, 26,………., 466 is?
6. In a given AP if pth term is q and the qth term is p, then show that nth term is ( p + q –n).
7. How many three digits numbers are divisible by 3?
8. If the 9th term of an AP is zero, prove that its 29th term is twice  its 19th term.
Three Marks Questions.
9. In a flower bed, there are 23 roses plants in the first row , 21 in the second row , 19 in the third row and so on. There are 5 rose plants in the last row . How many rows are there in the flower bed?
10. Solve the equation :  -4 + (-1) + 2 + ………….+ x =  437
Four Marks Questions.
11. 150 workers were engaged to finish a work in a certain number of days. Four workers were dropped the second day, four more workers were dropped the third day and so on . it take 8 more days to finish the work now. Find the number of days in which the work was completed.
12. Prove that no matter what the real numbers  a  and  b are, the sequence with nth term (a +nb) is always an AP, What is the common difference ? What is the sum of first 20 terms.
13.A circle with area  A1 is contained in the interior of a larger circle with area  A1 + A2. If the radius of the larger circle is 3 and A1, A2 and A1 + A2 are in AP then the radius of the smaller circle is?

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