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CBSE Class 9 Matter in Our Surrounding - Test Paper

Matter in Our Surrounding Class 9 Sample Paper

CBSE Class 9 test paper for Matter in our surroundings

Matter in Our Surrounding is the first chapter of CBSE Class 9 NCERT Text Book. Here we are providing a Practice paper for Matter in Our Surroundings so that you can practice your learning and evaluate your preparartion.
          You can also download this Test Paper Free in PDF. 


Time : 1 hr                                                                                                               MM : 30

Section – A  ( 1 mark questions )

1. Give reason for following  observation :
The smell of hot sizzling food reaches you several meters away,  but to get the smell from cold food you have to go close.

2. Why is light not considered as a matter?

3. What is the effect of temperature on the rate of diffusion?

4. How do we liquefy the gases?

5. Why solid carbon dioxide is called dry ice?

Section – B ( 2 marks questions )

6. Differentiate between Evaporation and Boiling.

7. Why do we feel cold, when we keep Acetone and Ether on our palm?

8. Name the phenomenon which occurs in following processes-
(i)  Drying of wet clothes                        (ii) Wax melting in Sun

9. Why do gas exert pressure?

10. Arrange the three States of matter in the increasing order of-
(i)  Rate of diffusion                              (ii)  Motion of particles

Section – C ( 3 marks questions )

11. Tabulate the differences in the characteristics of States of matter.

12. What are the properties of particles of matter?

13. Sponge is a solid but still it can be compressed. Why?

14. Explain -
(i) Latent heat of fusion                            (ii) Latent heat of vaporization

15.  Define -
(i)  Boiling point                                           (ii)  Melting point

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