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CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper 2018

CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper

Class 10 Science Practice Paper

General Instructions:

1.The Question Paper comprises of two sections, A and B. You are to attempt both sections.
2. All Questions are compulsory.
3. Question numbers 1 to 2 in section A are one – mark Questions.
4. Question numbers 3 to 5 in section A are two – marks Questions.
5. Question numbers 6 to 15 in section A are three – marks Questions.
6. Question numbers 16 to 21 in section A are five – marks Questions.
7. Question numbers 22 to 27 in section B are two – marks Questions based on practical skills.
Section – A
Q1. Give the next homologue of the following:
(a)C3H6                                  (b) C4H6
Q2. Which Pancreatic enzyme is effective in digestion of proteins?
Q3. An object is placed at a distance of 30 cm in front of a convex mirror of focal length 15 cm. Write four characteristics of the image formed  by the mirror.
Q4. List four stakeholders which may be helpful in the conservation of forests.
Q5. The construction of large dams leads to social and environmental problems. List two problems of each type.
Q6. What is meant by Isomers? Draw the structure of two isomers of butane.
Q7. (a) Define the following terms :
          (i)Valency                    (ii) Atomic size
(b) How do the valency and the atomic size of the elements vary while going from left to right along a period in the modern periodic table?
Q8. A cross was made between pure breeding pea plants, one with round and green seeds and the other with wrinkled and yellow seeds.
(a)Write the phenotype of F1 progency. Give reason for your answer.
(b) Write the different types of F2 progency obtained along with the ratio when F1 progency was selfed.
Q9. (a) Distinguish between the terms ‘overloading’ and ‘short – circuiting’ .
(b) Why are the coils of electric toasters made of an alloy rather than a pure metal?
Q10. (a) What is fertilization? Distinguish between external fertilization and internal fertilization.
(b) What is the site of fertilization in human beings?
List and explain in brief three methods of contraception.
Q11. What is Hypermetropia? List two causes for this defect. How this defect of vision can be corrected.
Q12. F, Cl and Br are the elements each having seven valence electrons. Which of these
      (i) has the largest atomic radius,                          (ii) is most reactive?
Q13. Why is Aluminium extracted from Alumina(Al2O3) by electrolytic reduction and not by reducing with carbon?
Q14. What is magnetic field? Draw the magnetic field lines around a current carrying conductor.
Q15. Explain the reason for the following :
(i)Advanced Sunrise and delayed Sunset           (ii) Twinkling of stars
Q16. (a)What is (i) phototropism and (ii) geotropism? With diagrams, describe an activity to show that light and gravity change the direction of plants growth.
(b) Mention the role of each of the following plant hormones: (a) Auxin                (b) Abscisic acid
Q17. In the circuit 3 volt battery is connected with the parallel combination of resistors.Here     R1 = 10 Ω and R2 = 15 Ω  and answer the following questions:
CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper 2018
(a) State the type of combination of two resistors in the circuit.
(b) How much current flowing through (i) R1  and (ii) R2 resistor ?
(c) What is the ammeter reading?
Q18. What is bio – gas? Why is bio – gas considered an ideal fuel for domrstic use?
Q19. Light enters from air to an ice cube, having refractive index 1.31. What is the speed of light in the ice cube, given speed of light in vacuum is 3 x 108 m/s .
Q20. (a) Why does an aqueous solution of an acid conduct electricity?
          (b) How does the concentration of hydronium ions change when a solution of an acid is diluted?
          (c) Which has higher pH value, a concentrated or dilute solution oh HCl?
          (d) What will happen when dilute HCl is added to:
         (i)Sodium Carbonate in a test tube                       (ii) Zinc metal in a test tube
Q21. (a) Draw the structure of Human heart and label on it: Aorta,Pulmonary artery, Vena cava, Left ventricle
          (b) Why is double circulation of blood necessary in human beings?
Q22. Which out of the two spherical mirrors – concave and convex, has positive focal length? Which of the two will form real and inverted image at its focal point, which can be taken on the screen?
Q23. Name two salts each of calcium and magnesium which make the water hard.
Q24. What things will you observe if you focus the stomata slide under high power objective of a microscope?
Q25. If a wet blue litmus paper is brought closer to dry HCl gas, what change will you observe and why?
Q26. Carbon dioxide gas should be passed through lime water only for a short duration. Explain why?
Q27. What do you mean by hydrophobic and hydrophilic parts of a soap?

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