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CBSE Class 12 Maths Important Topics

As CBSE Board Exams are near, Class 12 Board students start working extra hard to score high in Board Exams.Now a days students got very tensed about  MATHS and try to search like -
  • Important Topics for Class 12 Maths
  • How to score high in Class 12 Maths

Although all the topics mentioned in CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Syllabus are Important.The questions are based on the NCERT text book and only the figures may change.If the students study  the NCERT text book thoroughly, they need not be panic . To score high in CBSE Class 12 Maths Board exam, solve all the solved example of NCERT and  practice sample papers and Previous Years Question Papers for better understanding the pattern and the concept of the question asked in the exams.

  • Integration and 3D are the only topics which require extra practice .
  • Very important topic in CBSE Class 12 Maths Exam is Calculus. Its weightage is about 45 to 48%. 
  • Second highest weightage in CBSE Class 12 Maths Exam is Vectors and 3D geometry with  14 to 18%
  • Probability, Relations and Functions and Algebra have  weightage of 10%, 10%, 14%
  • Relation and Function needs no additional practice, only NCERT is sufficient.
  • Linear programming -straight forward 6 marks question.

After the analysis of Previous Years Question Papers and Sample Papers issued by CBSE, we have prepapred a complete list of Most Important Topics  in Class 12 Maths,which we are going to provide you below :

Most Important Topics for CBSE Class 12 Maths Exam

1.   Elementary transformation to find inverse of a square matrix
2.   Properties of determinants
3.   Matrix method
4.   Sum of Limits
5.   Properties of definite integrals
6.   Application of integration
7.   Concept of line and plane in 3D
8.   Linear programming
9.   Baye’s theorem
10.Maxima and minima application problems

At Last we are providing you an idea of expected topics along with the Exam Pattern of CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Exam 2018 :

Section - A
Consists question number 1to question number 4, each carry 1 mark

1.   Vector
2.   Relation and Function
3.   Determinant or Matrix
4.   Inverse trigonometry

Section - B
Consists question number 5 to question number 12 , each carry two  marks

5.   Matrix (most probably,find  inverse of a Matrix)
6.   Inverse trigonometric function
7.   Probability (multiplication Rule, Conditional probability or law of total probability)
8.   Vector (projection of a vector, equation of a plane)
9.   Application of derivatives ( Maxima/ minima, change of rate or approximation)
10. Differential equations
11. Integration
12. Differentiation
Consists question number 13 to question number 23,each carry 4 marks

13. Determinant (property based questions)
14. Differentiability or Continuity
15. Applications of Derivatives (Tangent, normal, increasing or decreasing)
16. Integration
17. Differential equation
18. Vector (dot or cross product related question)
19. 3D Geometry (Plane or line in 3D)
20. Probability (Baye’s Theorem)
21. Probability (Random variable, variance or mean)
22. Matrix (word problems)
23. Applications of integration

Section D
Consists question number 24 to question number 29,each carry  6 marks

24. Inverse of a matrix or solution of equations with the help of matrix
25. Integration (definite or sum  of limit)
26. Linear programming (transportation problem or diet problem)
27. Applications of integration
28. Relation and Function (Binary operation)
29. Vector or 3D (Equation of a plane passing through intersection of two planes)

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